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I agree 100%! As someone who lives far away from NYC & doesn't have the financial means to get there nearly enough, I still managed to see it 6 times. And it was the first b-way show I ever saw more than once. I an usually one of the people screaming about new ideas & new shows, but American Idiot was as far from a jukebox musical as you can get. And to top off my love for AI, and to make it a little more impressive, I'm not a huge Green Day fan.... and I'm slightly (very slightly) conservative.
I fully plan on following the tour to as many cities as I can find couches to sleep on.

kyle four

love that ! love you !!! i am praying to the COUCH GODS for you !!!! (i have MANY connections! ha !!!) AI is certainly a magnificent WORK OF ART !!!! i am glad you thinks so too !!


AI is the story of my broken abandoned generation. From the first moment of the first show I saw,it took my breath away. It breaks my heart, it makes, me laugh, I cry EVERY time. I refuse to talk about it like it is the past b/c it is a part of me now and so many other people that it lives on. I have an Idiot family and we support each other and talk about it, keeping it alive through things like: #willwednesday, following the upcoming tour around the country, and supporting the Idiots in their other theatre endeavors. AI saved my fucking life and gave me hope. My son turns 4 next July and his first show will be the AI tour. Your words are truth and I wish more people had seen what we saw, so I could continue to give my paycheck to it :) #idiotforfuckingever !

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