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It seems the greatest act was you - in the audience - keeping still as this mayhem unfolded before you - watching while your head exploded for very good reason, instead of letting the explosion come through your mouth saying "what are you - nuts????"

Godspell seems like an "easy" show - but it is not. I saw a production a couple of years ago where the erred by ending the show before Jesus is resurrected - ummm... what?

Too bad this production can't get it right. It's a cautionary tale - don't tease superstition because you have "Jesus" on the stage. Thank you for "dying in the aisles" & saving us, Buff. You are the BEST.


I agree with you about the angry woman singing "By My Side" - she looked very angry. The accompanying vocals were very nice and the harmonies fit the intention of the song very well, but she did have some pebble in her shoe rage. There were some other musical liberties that were weird - strange chord progressions in "Bless The Lord" and it seems no one can get a handle on the 3/4 timed beginning to "Day By Day", though I think that's the arrangement more than the vocalist.


Please learn basic punctuation.


Godspell is getting standing ovations in previews. I've seen it a couple of times and you're way off.

Lance Jonathan

Hello! I turned your blog into a podcast! You should take a little listen!

Lance Jonathan



Wow. Just...wow. It was on my list of shows to see. It may still be. But I don't know that I'll make it back to NY before it closes. I got into NY the night that previews started but I was BROKE and ended up seeing Follies instead.
Glad to hear that even though your head exploded you're still able to blog. :P

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